I met this woman on a particular photography page and just love her work. She is a constant source of making me want to learn more because of the many ways she views the world through her lens.Thanks Christine...glad to have "met" you. Tom Taggart


Eres una pruvilegiada, utilízado lo más que puedas para regalarnos las bellezas que nos das a conocer con tu trabajo. Manuel Angel Garcia delgado


All your photos are wonderful, love what and how you see things! Finch Turner   


I only had a few minutes to look right now but what I saw was just fantastic. Love your work. Can't wait to look more. Tom Taggart


Its great to get lost in your work. Peter Zurla


Tempting me I see....lol. Great! The best of art! Sinira Pereira, Joinville

Deine Fotos erfreuen Herz und Sinne - immer wieder... Anne-Marie Grenacher


Anything that works...interesting.  Jan Fiorina, Forest Hills


Really really, nice. What i'm loving about your art is the constant research of different subjects, new, every time. But, what i really appreciate is that awesome use of the same basic idea to produce works with a lot of similitudes; it's like if your pieces have in common something like a magnification, a biological production, something like our nature under the skin. In all these works you can find veins, blood, fluids... but inside OBJECTS. This is the real work of an artist, the capacity to give the life in what can't HAVE life: Like a cabalist and his Golem. And what i can say about that? Just M-A-R-VELOUS.


Sensitive. Very, very good ones! I am happy to see this! Thank You! Mariann Aroson


Thanks for giving me another good idea. Tom Taggart, Ohio


Some very good work, Christine. You have "vision". Ralph J. Schexnaydre, Housten


Life are countless lines.............................my dear Q.Chris ! ! ! love ! Lucy Pereyra, Cordóba


Your sense of composition and proportion are very pleasing to me. a gift to share. Willam Hustedde


Well-spotted! Bruce Carleton,


Love the colors and the textures....so much happening. Tom Taggart


A most compelling selection of pieces.... Dana Graves, Oklahoma


Fantastic. Reminds me of a scene where a news person is reporting from a beach right before a hurricane hits. Tom Taggart


Yours is inspiring, Christine! Svea Loop Christina


You find/fotograph the most intriguing things. Dana Graves






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Unterhalten Sie Ihren Besucher! Machen Sie es einfach interessant und originell. Bringen Sie die Dinge auf den Punkt und seien Sie spannend.


Mein Name ist Christine Koch.

Seit dem Grafikstudium in den siebziger Jahren fotografiere ich.


A N D E R S sehen ist mir gegeben - meine größte Leidenschaft und Gabe. Es geschieht ohne mein Zutun

und entspringt der unbändigen Lust auf Neues, Überraschendes, Staunenswertes ...


Ich entdecke überall Dinge, die man gewöhnlicherweise übersieht, mache daraus Bilder und liebe es, sie mit anderen zu teilen.


Meist springt dann der Funke

auch auf den Anderen über...





Christine Koch


Augsburger Str. 48

01309 Dresden




Lassen Sie sich auf meiner Seite


in eine andere schöne Welt entführen ...




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